Earth Mystery News revisits Brazil’s Roswell


Often dubbed, Brazil’s “Roswell,” – Earth Mystery News publisher Sid Goldberg travelled to the South American country to investigate the “Varginha UFO Incident” of January 1996.

The intriguing story – and its possible connection to a 10 million-year old sculpture discovered in China – is now posted on the newly-launched website.


The incredible story involves the alleged sighting and capture by the military of one or more extra-terrestrial beings. At the time, media attention was extensive.

In 2003, Goldberg travelled to the town to investigate the incident for a television series he was involved with at the time. He chronicles his findings here for Earth Mystery News.


“The police and fire department didn’t want to speak about the incident,” Goldberg said. “However off-camera, speaking very quietly through my interpreter, one of the senior firemen on the scene at that time shared his firsthand experience with me.
“He and his team were the first responders. They secured the area. Two days later another creature was allegedly found lying along a road. Three military trucks arrived to retrieve it.
What he saw was very similar in description to what the several young girls had described — deep reddish brown, small, hurt, and with a terribly foul odor.
“The military took over the scene and quickly took the creature away. He said  the American military was in charge of the operation. He shared this with me one to one and then agreed to speak later on camera when my crew was in place.”
But once other firemen gathered and they saw the video cameras the same fireman denied seeing anything. Rather, they never even received a call about an extraterrestrial.
“As frustrated as I was after the blatant denial by the Sergeant at the fire station, I didn’t think the words “cover-up” until I learned from one of the mother of one of the young girls who saw the creature that she had an unusual visit a few days later  by three men wearing dark sunglasses,” Goldberg said.

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