The highly-anticipated Earth Mystery News is now on line providing the best information available from the world of the unexplained, UFOs, ancient archaeology and the paranormal.

EMN is the brainchild of Montreal-born Sid Goldberg, a two-time Daytime Emmy Award winning director and four-time Emmy Award nominee.


“We’re bringing alternative news to the mainstream,” said Goldberg, also EMN publisher.

All of the latest news is posted and updated continually throughout the day on a website that matches – and in some areas – surpasses the look and content of major daily newspapers.


The site features amazing interviews with some of the world’s top UFO investigators along with explosive videos.

One of the current videos running is an interview with Rendlesham Forest whistleblower Larry Warren.


World-renowned Linda Moulton Howe also discusses the possibility of a pyramid existing in Alaska.


Another video reveals information found in the lost tapes from the Betty and Barney Hill incident.


An impressive list of contributors includes Richard Dolan, Stanton Friedman, Grant Cameron and many other distinguished authors and speakers.

Various podcasts from around the world can also be found on the site.

“We’re also looking for our readers to contact us with their stories and experiences, their videos and their photos and EMN will share them with the world,” Goldberg said.








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