TORONTO, ONT. – (MAY 30,2016) – Disclosure is closer than ever.

With U.S. Presidential race contender Hillary Clinton hinting she will look into whether Extraterrestrials are real – and have been in contact with governments for decades – the time couldn’t be better for hearing into the phenomena.

On Saturday, June 25, the world’s attention will be on Brantford, Ontario,Canada where the first-ever Canadian inquiry into UFOs and Extraterrestrials will be held.


Seven internationally-renowned experts will be panelists for the ET Disclosure Hearing being held as part of the Alien Cosmic Expo, June 24-26, at the Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn.

Panelists include; Travis Walton, Richard Dolan, Nick Pope, Stanton Friedman, Grant Cameron, Stephen Bassett and former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer.

They will be questioned by another panel of journalists and academics.


“We’ve sent more than 300 invitations out to journalists and academics throughout North America inviting them to become a panelist,” said Brantford author Bob Mitchell, one of the organizers of the national inquiry. “This is an opportunity for mainstream journalists to ask the kinds of questions the general public has always wanted answers to.


“We have assembled a rock star line-up of experts on the subject. It’s time for the mainstream media to wake up and realize we are not alone and the world we think we live in isn’t what we think it is.”


In Travis Walton, the hearing will hear a first-hand account of one of the world’s most famous alien abduction cases. Walton vanished in November, 1975 while working with a group of loggers in northern Arizona. He reappeared five days later, insisting he had been abducted by aliens. Hollywood turned his story into the “Fire In The Sky” movie.

Walton will also be the keynote speaker on Friday night at a dinner after which his new documentary “Travis-The True Story of Travis Walton.” will be shown.


Winnipeg’s Grant Cameron will discuss what U.S. Presidents know about UFOs and the ET presence on Earth as well as the famous “Rockefeller” papers of the 1990s where billionaire Laurance Rockefeller lobbied the White House and then President Bill Clinton to reveal what the government knew.


Former nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman will reveal details about the top-secret MJ-12 group and its efforts to hide the true details of what really happened at Roswell.


Nick Pope, who formerly ran Great Britain’s UFO department, will provide an up-close look at the famous Rendlesham Forest incident, dubbed Britain’s Roswell and other cases examined by the Ministry of Defence (MOD).


UFO historian and researcher Richard Dolan will discuss how deep the secrets go with governments and their efforts to hide the ET presence and their ability to control nuclear missile bases.


Stephen Bassett, an American lobbyist, who has spent most of his life pursing Disclosure, will discuss his efforts and what he believes will happen next in a bid to end the truth embargo.


Paul Hellyer remains the highest-ranking former government official to reveal UFOs are real. He’ll discuss what he knows and believes is going on, including the controls currently in place on humanity and the monetary system.

This year’s Alien Cosmic Expo is really four shows in one.

Friday is “Experiencer Day” where several people who have had encounters will talk about their experiences in an informal room while everyone can mingle and discuss their own personal stories in a safe and non-judgmental setting.


Following Saturday’s ground-breaking ET Disclosure Hearing, Hellyer and Friedman will take centre stage for full lectures followed by evening appearances by Dolan and Pope.

In between, guest speakers Joanna Ross (Preparing for First Contact), Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin (Anunnaki), Cameron (UFO spiritual connection), Susan Collins (Star Children) and Victor Viggiani (ET Disclosure) will lecture.


On Sunday, lectures will be given by Elizabeth April (Hybrids), Joanna Emery (Canadian crop circles), Barry Strohm (Channeling an alien), Friedman (Star travel), MUFON’s Stu Bundy, Bassett (Truth Embargo), Sherry Wilde (Abduction Volunteer), Janet Lessin (personal experiences) and Osie (abduction procedures).


The Expo closes with a riveting talk by Jason Quitt and Bob Mitchell, who discuss their co-written book “Forbidden Knowledge-Revelations of a multi-dimensional time traveler,” The book has been No. 1 on Amazon’s Kindle UFO category since its release on March 23.


On Saturday afternoon, Mitchell will also provide a telepath’s unique perspective of the “Inside World of the Greys” from his book “What if? Close Encounters of the Unusual Kind”


Tickets for the Alien Cosmic Expo start at $25 for individual lectures and $99 for a single day.


But the vendors hall will be free to everybody throughout the weekend.





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