Canadian regression hynotherapist Lesley Mitchell-Clarke to speak at next Brantford MUFON meeting


Well-known Canadian regression hypnotherapist Lesley Mitchell-Clarke will be the guest speaker at the next meeting of Brantford’s MUFON chapter.

Mitchell-Clarke will discuss some of her more interesting cases – and reveal details about her new YouTube television show at the gathering on Friday, May 27 at the Piston Broke pub and grill located at 93 Dalhousie St. in Harmony Square in downtown Brantford.

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Everyone is invited, including Experiencers, who wish to share their stories of alien encounters, abductions and UFO sightings. There is no charge for this event.

The noted clinical hypnotherapist and regressionist has helped numerous people at her Toronto clinic understand what has happened to them during their encounters.

Several months ago she also became part of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) research program. The program is run by author/researcher Kathleen Marden, whose uncle and niece were Betty and Barney Hill, one of the world’s most document UFO abduction cases.


For the past five years, Mitchell-Clarke has been a co-host with Wes G Roberts of the popular  online radio program, “CONTACT.”

She and Wes have just launched a YouTube version of the show featuring interviews with the “Who’s Who” of UFOLogy and related topics.

The newly-launched “CONTACT TV” is available twice monthly at Earth Mystery News ( and also on the “CONTACT TV” YouTube Channel

In the show, Mitchell-Clarke draws on her extensive background in the performing arts and journalism. She uses her own unique charm and skills when interviewing an array of knowledgeable and notable guests, including best-selling authors, educators, past life/interlife regressionists, scientists, metaphysicians, crop-circle experts, paranormal investigators, shamans, ancient astronaut theorists, UFOlogists, on-air commentators and many others.

Future guests include Grant Cameron, Bob Mitchell, Jason Quitt, Barbara Lamb, Larry Warren, Michael Tellinger, Randy Cramer (“Captain K”), Linda Molton Howe, Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Georgio Tsukallis, Michael Cremo, David Childress, Len Kasten, Andrew Basiago, Stanton Friedman, Kathleen Marden, Graham Hancock and many more.!

Mitchell-Clarke has also been the director for the past eight years for her own of her own Hypnosis Clinic, LIGHTWORK HYPNOSIS (, as well as a valued Associate at The Ontario Hypnosis Centre, Ontario’s oldest and most prestigious hypnosis clinic.

She specializes in using hypnosis for the transformative and positive improvement of issues for all individuals, including the most recent cutting-edge hypnosis techniques pertaining to artists of all disciplines (actors, dancers, visual artists, writers, musicians, vocalists, etc.) and the unique demands they deal with in their daily lives and careers.


Mitchell-Clarke is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified NeuroLinguistic Programming Practitioner, a graduate of The Ontario Hypnosis Centre and a member-in-good-standing of The National Guild of Hypnotists and the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming.  Additionally, she holds special Certifications in Metaphysical Therapies (Past Life Regression/Interlife Regression/Energy Release), Pain Control and Management and Pediatric Hypnosis.

Those attending the next Brantford Mufon meeting will also hear details about next month’s exciting Alien Cosmic Expo, June 24-26, in Brantford.

For further information


Bob Mitchell – or 416-807-2922

Les Sutch – or 519-757-5829

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke – or  416-486-6742




This news release was written and distributed by Toronto News Wire Services  @TorNewsWire



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