International panel to probe Extraterrestrial existence

International panel to probe Extraterrestrial existence



TORONTO, Ont. – (May 9, 2016) An international panel is being convened in Canada for the first time to examine the world-wide phenomena of Extraterrestrials, abductions and UFOs.

Recent reports by Global TelevisionCBC NEWS, and CTV  as well as numerous newspapers, including the GLOBE AND MAILTORONTO SUN and TORONTO STAR indicate Canadians are seeing these unidentified craft in record numbers – in 2015 alone – there were 1,267 UFO reports.

In addition, a Canadian research and development team has acquired dramatic documents from NORAD and Library and Archives Canada. These documents indicate several Canadian government agencies have been studying and monitoring UFOs for decades.

These documents are written and/or signed by former Canadian Ministers of Defence, Joint Intelligence Committee Directors, Scientific Research Board and Department of Transportation officials.

On Saturday, June 25, international experts will reveal what they know and what secrets governments are hiding from the public when the ET Disclosure Hearing is held at the Alien Cosmic Expo in Brantford, Ontario at the Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn & Conference Centre.

The Honourable Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defence, will be among the panelists participating in the first-ever Canadian public investigation into the phenomena.

Other panelists are Stanton Friedman, Richard Dolan, Nick Pope, Stephen Bassett and Grant Cameron. Travis Walton, the world’s most famous abductee, will also be providing expert testimony.

The international panelists will be questioned by a select group of journalists and academics.

One of the never-before publicized documents that has been obtained by the Canadian research and development team originates from RCMP files and is entitled – UFO FOUND

Another is a Canadian Forces Base Falconbridge – Air Traffic Control detailed report of a UFO sighting over the base submitted by a Major, a Captain and a Corporal. NORAD

Library and Archives Canada has 9,500 of these UFO files in its data base. Examples of these files as well as “Top Secret” U.S. documents such as the “Twining Memo” and the “Hoover Letter” are available upon request.

In spite of the compelling nature of these reports – no public review of these shocking documents has ever occurred.

Until now.

In response, an independent Canadian Research and Development Team has been established. Its mandate is:

  • To assemble a panel of world-renowned experts in the field of UFOs to provide evidence about the existence of the phenomenon, and;
  • To assemble a second panel, one composed of journalists and academics to challenge and question the experts on UFO evidence.

“This kind of public inquiry has never been attempted before in Canadian history,” said Victor Viggiani, one of the R & D team members and organizers of the hearing.

“The R & D team has reviewed the work of these acknowledged UFO experts, authors and researchers and has concluded the evidence they have uncovered is as overwhelming as it is compelling,” said Bob Mitchell, also an R & D team member and organizer of the hearing.

Why does this evidence appear to be so conclusive?

First – because the source of this evidence is from the government’s own files and former military officers. 

Second – this government-sourced evidence has never been examined publicly by the media.

Third – NORAD has conceded that its jets do not have the capacity to control or approach these unknown craft in Canadian air space.

Journalists understand secrecy is alive and well among many of our major public institutions; medical, police, military and governmental. Not only do journalists report news, they also spend countless hours investigating and revealing what the public has a legitimate right to know.

However, in the matter of UFOs, no efforts have ever been undertaken by the media, the government or independent organizations to investigate the vast number of verified files, memos, air traffic control logs, and military and NORAD statements and policies regarding UFOs.

“This has allowed government and military to avoid this matter and to remain unresponsive to, and confidently silent about the issue of unidentified flying objects,” Viggiani said.

“Based on this set of circumstances it is safe to conclude questions about the existence of the UFO phenomenon remain in the dark and that a public hearing on this matter is imperative. Now that verified evidence has been compiled, there is a legitimate opportunity for journalists to become an integral part of, and a voice in the public inquiry – a voice Canadians have never heard before.”

If you are skeptical about the matter of UFOs but sufficiently open-minded to hear the most compelling evidence ever made available at one time from some of the world’s foremost experts on UFOs – you are invited to view and respond to our team’s invitation to journalists and academics.


We invite you to be part of this national inquiry.

Those journalists and academics interested in being considered for the questioning panel are asked to contact R & D team members and ET Hearing organizers:

Victor Viggiani, M.ED

Cell – (416) 801-8056


Bob Mitchell, Author, journalists

Cell (416) 807-2922

MEDIA interested in covering the ET Disclosure Hearing and/or the entire Alien Cosmic Expo are asked to contact

Jo-Anne Eadie, Alien Cosmic Expo, organizer


Alien Cosmic Expo –


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  1. This is awesome!!!! Great for Canada to take the initiative. Let’s get to the bottom of this phenomena and have DISCLOSURE!!


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