Newmarket business booms as sisters offer revolutionary healing system


NEWMARKET, Ont. (May 3, 2016) – Is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy the medical treatment of the future?

Forget the future.

It’s available now at Health Harmonies in Newmarket, Ontario using equipment approved by Health Canada.

Kim Sartor and her sister Jackie Sartor King opened this unique energy studio three years ago on Bayview Avenue after Kim used the incredible healing effects of pulsed electromagnetic therapy on herself.

About 20 years ago Kim was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called Sarcoidosis. Then, in 2007, she suffered lower back and sciatica as a result of a car crash. She was also diagnosed with glaucoma and by 2012 was taking drugs and using inhalers for her asthma.

“Then I discovered pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and my life changed,” Kim said. “I bought a PEMF bed and the rest is history. No more medication. No more back pain. No more wheezing, No more asthma attacks.”


In 1891, inventor Nicola Tesla created what was known as the “Tesla Coil,” and today this life-changing technology is called “pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.”

Using the healing effects of energy, frequency and vibration, pain and inflammation is relieved and circulation is improved along with your overall well being.

Kim’s health dramatically improved. As a result, she and her sister opened up their own clinic.

“In three years we have expanded five times and have helped hundreds of clients,” Kim said.

This therapy has been approved by Health Canada as a Class 2 medical device.

“Just laying on a bed for as little as eight minutes can boost your energy for six to eight hours,” Kim said.

Health Harmonies specializes in pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, ion cyclonic resonance, acoustic vibration, whole body vibration, and energy facials.

“At Health Harmonies we take a natural approach to healing,” Kim said. “We use pulsed electromagnetic therapy to help your body start the process of healing itself.”

Tesla invented numerous electrical-based devices, including AC current, the fluorescent light bulb, robotics, neon signs, x-rays, arc lamps, lasers, wireless communication and the radio.

But it was through these inventions that he also discovered the effects electromagnetic fields could have on the human body.

“This technology has been widely used in Europe for many years for treating pain, circulation, bone fractures, sleep conditions, mental health issues and overall well being,” Kim said. “Even NASA has used it but it had been primarily used in North America for decades by the equestrian industry.”

But the medical profession is just catching on to its benefits for overall health and wellness.

“This could be part of the solution in North America for increasing rate of PTSD, depression, anxiety, pain and well being for the crisis in the Native communities and the increase overall health among Canadians,” Kim said.

Kim and Jackie are available for media interviews.

Heath Harmonies – 905-235-7330

Kim – cell – 705-606-0739

Jackie – cell 705-606-0148

Email –


16600 Bayview Avenue, Unit 208

Newmarket, ON.





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