BRANTFORD, Ont. – Travis Walton, one of the most documented alien abductees of all time, is coming to Brantford for this summer’s Alien Cosmic Expo.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Travis on hand for the screening of his documentary,” said Jo-Anne Eadie, organizer of the world-class UFO and Experiencer conference set for June-24-26 at the Brantford Best Western Plus Inn.

Walton will be the keynote speaker at the Friday, June 24 dinner featuring the weekend’s internationally-recognized guest speakers including Richard Dolan, Stanton Friedman, Nick Pope, Grant Cameron and Steven Bassett.

The film: The True Story of Travis Walton will be screened following the dinner.


It was just over 40 years ago when Walton was abducted while working with a logging crew in the Sitgreaves National Forest near Heber Arizona on Nov. 5, 1975.   Walton got too close to the mysterious craft and the 21-year-old logger’s life was changed forever when he was knocked unconscious and then beamed up into the UFO.

Hollywood portrayed a fictionalized account of Walton’s terrifying abduction and sudden return five days later in the 1993 movie “Fire in The Sky.” Walton also wrote a book by the same name in 1995.

Filmmaker Jennifer Stein’s  90-minute documentary recounts what really happened in the now world- famous abduction of and the impact it has had on Walton and on the lives of others also involved.

“They could have saved themselves from years of ridicule and claimed it was all a hoax, but they never did,” Stein said. “They all stuck to the truth all these 40 years in spite of the ridicule they endured.

“The film is a personal interest story into how this event challenged their lives and changed their lives forever.”

All living members of the original logging crew are featured in the film, which had its premier at the 2015 International UFO Congress Film Festival in Scottsdale, AZ. where it won “Best Long Documentary Film” and “People’s Choice” honours.

Alien Cosmic Expo is Canada’s premier UFO and Experiencer conference.

This year’s event also features a ground-breaking ET Disclosure Hearing on Saturday with guest speakers lecturing Saturday afternoon and evening as well as Sunday morning and afternoon.

Visitors are also invited to attend a free Meet The Experiencers event on Friday morning and afternoon.

WHERE: Brantford Best Western Plus Inn.

WHEN: Friday June 24 – Sunday June 26

COST:  Tickets range from $25 for single lecture, $99 for single day, and $299 for all three days.


Jo-Anne Eadie – 519-755-9394 or joanne@poweroffreedom.ca

Bob Mitchell – 416-807-2922 or bobmitchellwriter@gmail,com

Alien Cosmic Expo   – www.aliencosmicexpo.com








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