Experiencer “Josie” to discuss her extraordinary abduction stories at Brantford MUFON meeting

BRANTFORD, Ontario – As a young child living in rural Newfoundland on the outskirts of Grand Falls, Josie woke up screaming every night from her terrible nightmares.

She believes she was abducted as a child – and is still being abducted today – by aliens, who have been doing medical procedures to her for her entire life.

Josie will reveal her startling abduction stories for the first time when Brantford’s MUFON chapter meets on Thurs. Feb. 25 at the Langford Schoolhouse, 1694 Colborne St (RR2) – just outside of the city east towards Hamilton.

Josie is one of the Experiencers who tell their incredible stories in “What if? Close Encounters of the Unusual Kind,” the latest UFO book written by Brantford’s Bob Mitchell.

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Interestingly, Josie never had any interest in UFOs or aliens until her nightmares returned in 2015 and she began having very vivid out of body experiences that led to horrific encounters with other worldly beings.

Initially, she never saw the beings although she could hear them telepathically and knew they were around her.

“I saw shadows, outlines and they’re above me,” she explained. “I know they were doing stuff to me because I was screaming.

“There was so much pain. I didn’t hear any sounds. All I know is that I didn’t want to be there. I felt as if I was passing out and coming to again.”

The Brantford Mufon meeting is open to everybody, including those who wish to share their own experiences.

Unfortunately, hypnotherapist/regressionist Lesley Mitchell-Clarke has had to cancel her appearance at this MUFON meeting but she expects to be on hand for the next meeting likely to be held in May.

Some exciting news about this summer’s Alien Cosmic Expo, June 24-26, will also be announced

For information about the Brantford Mufon meeting


Les Sutch – lsutch@symnpatic.ca

Bob Mitchell – bobmitchellwriter@gmail.com.

Stu Bundy (Ontario Mufon Director) – stub@mufoncanada.ca

For information about Alien Cosmic Expo



Jo-Anne Eadie   –    joanne@poweroffreedom.ca


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