WINDSOR, Ontario (TNWS) – (Aug, 3, 2015)  – An impressive line-up of speakers will be presented at the Rose City Paracon conference on Sept. 26 at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

The first-ever event is being hosted by local investigative groups, High Spirits Paranormal and Razor Paranormal and features an impressive array of paranormal and UFO speakers from Canada and the United States.

“Whether you are a paranormal enthusiast, you’ve experienced strange phenomena, or you are simply curious about the unknown, this one-day conference is an event that you don’t want to miss,” said John White, spokesperson and a co-presenter of Rose City Paracon.

The outstanding speakers list includes Ben Hansen of “Fact or Faked:Paranormal Files,” Katrina Weidman of “Paranormal State,” Jeff Belanger, writer and researcher for “Ghost Adventures” and UFO researchers and writers Michelle McKay and Bob Mitchell along with other noted speakers from the paranormal world.

To see a full list of speakers and for more information, visit Rose City Paracon’s web site at

Topics presented by the guest speakers will cover everything from ghosts and hauntings to psychics and mediums and UFO sightings and research.

“Quite often when I tell people that I investigate claims of paranormal activity they look at me for a moment like I’ve lost my mind,” White said. “But then practically everyone will share with me an amazing story of their own that almost defies belief.

“This is exactly why a paranormal conference of this nature is needed in Windsor. It opens the doors for everyone with an interest in the paranormal to come out and share their own personal experiences or to ask questions without fear of being judged or frowned upon. There will be plenty of knowledgeable people at  Paracon who can help provide answers to what may seem like bizarre questions.”

Speakers will be available for a meet and greet throughout the day in addition to a Q & A following their presentations. There will also be a vendors area.

The one-day conference is ideally located just five minutes from the Canadian-American international border and easily accessible from all major highways from Windsor and Detroit.

Tickets are limited so those interested in attending are encouraged to order their tickets in advance online.

A portion of ticket sales will be donated to the W.E. Care for Kids,a non-profit organization that raises funds for local paediatric programs in Windsor and surrounding

WHEN: SAT. SEPT. 26, 2015

WHERE: – Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites.

1855 Huron Church Rd. Windsor, Ontario

TIME: 9 A.M. TO 8 P.M.(doors open at 8:30 a.m.)

COST:  $55 online or $60 at the door


Rose City Paracon

Cell: (519) 567-3737


This news release was distributed by Toronto News Wire Services @TorNewsWire


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