Alien Cosmic Expo to be streamed live as a world-wide Pay Per View Internet event


Alien Cosmic Expo to be streamed live as a world-wide Pay Per View Internet event

BRANTFORD, Ontario – The Alien Cosmic Expo (A.C.E.) is now a Pay Per View event meaning a world-wide audience will be able to watch the exciting three-day conference from the comfort of their own homes.

Experts from the world of extraterrestrials, out of body experiences, alien encounters, past-life regression, soul readings, psychic mediums plus much more will be appearing, June 26-28, at the Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn and Conference Centre in Brantford, Ontario Canada.

It’s believed to be the first time that such an event in Canada has ever been streamed live on the Internet. Featured speakers include former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer, UFO researcher Stanton Friedman, Project Serpo author Len Kasten and Ancient Aliens expert Jason Martell.

“We are so excited that we can offer Pay Per View for this exciting event,” said Jo-Anne Eadie, spokesperson for A.C.E. “Ticket buyers are coming from all over North America and now we’re able to share the wisdom and knowledge about these controversial topics around the world while providing professionalism, integrity and credibility to these subject matters.”

All told, 24 internationally acclaimed experts in their field will attend the conference with Pay Per View broadcasts of all of the main ballroom speakers.

“This will be a pioneering adventure for cosmic experiences, abductees, Experiencers and enthusiasts,” Eadie said. “A.C.E. is devoted to uniting individuals, who think outside of the box—and see what others deem impossible.”

The cost for one-day Pay Per View is $25 (U.S.) with all three days costing $65 (U.S.). Tickets are on sale at

PPV broadcasts run Eastern Time on Friday, June 26 – 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.; Saturday, June 27 – 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Sunday, June 28 – 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“To our knowledge this is the first time that a PPV broadcast has been offered for an Alien/UFO conference in Canada,” said Rob McConnell of Hamilton, Ontario, executive producer of the A.C.E. PPV event that will be directed by Steve Benedict. “Just imagine, people from around the world will be able to participate in the Alien Cosmic Expo from anywhere in the world where Internet access is available.”

Select episodes of The ‘X’ Zone TV Show, an Internet-based television show hosted and produced by McConnell will be aired during times when speakers aren’t lecturing. The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show has been broadcasting Alien and Paranormal programs since 1992 and is syndicated to more than 400 affiliates. McConnell has recently finished production of the ‘X’ Zone TV Show.

“We will be using three cameras at A.C.E. to shoot and viewers will see and hear the speakers, their slides and other presentations that they will be using during the speaking engagement,” McConnell said. “The ability to share the knowledge of the speakers at A.C.E. with the world will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that knowledge is power.”

Friday’s PPV speakers include internationally acclaimed UFO researcher and physicist Stanton Friedman, UFO historian Grant Cameron and Crop Circle expert Patty Greer.

Saturday’s PPV broadcasts feature former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer, Government and Media cover-up expert Victor Viggiani, Ancient Aliens expert Jason Martell, who will be revealing new information about the Arc of the Covenant and Friedman again.

Among Sunday’s PPV speakers will be Project Serpo expert Len Kasten, remote viewer Michael Telstarr and UFO researcher Sandee Mac. Friedman will end the PPV broadcasts with an intriguing look at the truth behind Majestic 12.

In addition to PPV broadcasts the three-day conference will be packed with other riveting speakers, who will present unbelievably true stories of alien encounters out in the open for the first time with integrity and professionalism. That way, no person ever has to feel alone, embarrassed or scared to share their personal, life-changing experience with a world very different from our own.

“We will be bringing together 24 world-class experts speaking on a variety of topics from alien abductions to crop circles to past lives, psychic readings and ancient Egyptian connections to other worldly beings,” Eadie said. “We’ve gathered them together for one weekend with some spectacular vendors also on display in our Exhibitors Hall.”

In addition, the expo will feature innovative information and discussions about a mystical field that remains underdeveloped.

More information for the event can be obtained at

An exiting new addition to Sunday’s speakers is MUFON field investigator Luigi Vendittelli who will share the stage – and tell the incredible story of abductee Emily Trim. As a young girl in 1994, Trim, now 28, was among the students at a school in Zimbabwe who witnessed the landing of a spacecraft and telepathically communicated with two extraterrestrial beings.

Martell’s appearances will now be live via SKYPE in the main ballroom.

A three-day paid weekend ticket includes all speakers and events.

Visitors not attending the lectures will still be able to meet the experts and browse through a variety of exhibits for free in the Exhibitor Hall. They can also mingle with the speakers during Friday’s free breakfast (seats must be reserved in advance).

For Media interviews, admission passes and other info.

Contact   519-647-2257 or

For PPV info – contact Rob McConnell at (905) 575-1222 or 1-800-610-7035 Ext 852. or

When – Friday, June 26 – Sunday, June 28, 2015

LocationBest Western Plus Brant Park Inn and Conference Centre, 19 Holiday Drive, Brantford, Ontario, Canada.


Full Conference Ticket – $298

One-day ticket – $125

One hour lecture – $25

Two-hour lecture $35.

Exhibitor Hall – Free

Continental Breakfast – Free (must preregister online)

This news release was distributed by Toronto News Wire Services




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