Alien Cosmic Expo to feature internationally-acclaimed UFO researchers, crop circles, abductees and much more in three-day summer Canadian event

BRANTFORD, Ontario – Internationally-acclaimed UFO researcher and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman will headline a riveting list of speakers from Canada and the U.S. at the Alien Cosmic Expo (A.C.E.) this summer in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

The three-day event – June 26-27-28 – will feature 24 experts from the world of extraterrestrials, out of body experiences, alien encounters, past-life regression, soul readings, psychic mediums plus much more, making it one of the largest events of its kind this year in Canada.

Stanton will share the podium with UFO historian and researcher Grant Cameron as keynote speakers on Friday, June 26. Stanton, well-known for his many appearances on UFO magazine-style television shows, will close out the Expo on Sunday, June 28 by revealing the truth about Operation Majestic 12. Also known as MJ-12, it was the code name given to an alleged secret organization of scientists, military leaders and government officials formed by U.S. President Harry S Truman for the recovery and investigation of downed alien spacecraft.

Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer and Jason Martell, Ancient Aliens expert of the History Channel will headline Saturday night’s program.

 “A.C.E. is a conference of scientific study of extraterrestrial life and occurrences,” said Jo-Anne Eadie, spokesperson for the event being held at the Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn and Conference Centre. “We wanted to create an event with professionalism, credibility and integrity. We didn’t want the image of the guy with a plaid shirt standing in the middle of the field with a tin foil hat telling everybody how he’d seen a space ship land.

“We will be bringing together 24 world-class experts speaking on a variety of topics from alien abductions to crop circles to past lives, psychic readings and ancient Egyptian connections to other worldly beings. We’ve gathered them together for one weekend with some spectacular vendors on display in our Exhibitors Hall,”

“This will be a pioneering adventure for cosmic experiences, abductees, experiencers and enthusiasts. A.C.E. is devoted to uniting individuals, who think outside of the box—and see what others deem impossible.”

Friedman will also present incredible current and historical documentation from high-level sources such as the CIA and FBI confirming the reality of the UFO phenomenon during his lectures.

Cameron will provide evidence that high-level Canadian and U.S. government officials have known about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth since the 1940s and also reveal the current interest of Hillary Clinton as she runs for President in 2016.

Hellyer will reveal an international Cabal’s connection to extra-terrestrials, the ETs technology and their nuclear weapons tampering and what national security threats are posed by the alien visitors.  Paul also speaks about “Money Mafia” his latest book and corruption within the economic and monetary systems.

Martell will present the untold story of the Arc of the Covenant and its use as a power source inside Egypt’s Great Pyramid.

These are just a few of the incredible stories waiting to be told by a list of speakers, who have never before gathered in one place at the same time.

A three-day paid weekend ticket includes all speakers and events.

Visitors not attending the lectures will still be able to meet the experts and browse through a variety of exhibits for free in the Exhibitor Hall. They can also mingle with the speakers during Friday’s free breakfast (seats must be reserved in advance).

Special hotel rates have been obtained for ticket holders but those wishing to be a bit more adventurous can book a campsite at the picturesque Grand River Conservation Brant Park within 10 minutes of the venue. There will also be a sky watching night at the site.

For Media interviews, admission passes and other info.

Contact   519-647-2257 or

When – Friday, June 26 – Sunday, June 28, 2015

 LocationBest Western Plus Brant Park Inn and Conference Centre, 19 Holiday Drive, Brantford, Ontario, Canada.


 Friday –  Michael Horn, Jason Quitt, Jason Martell, Patty Greer, Modern Knowledge Stanton Friedman, Grant Cameron

 Saturday – Michael Telstarr, Susan Collins, Don Donderi, Larry Campbell,  Grant Cameron, Marc St. Germain, Jason Quitt, Paul Hellyer, Patty Greer, Gord Ellison, Stanton Friedman, Serge Grandbois, Sandee Mac, Victor Viggiani, Jason Martell

 Sunday – Leslie Mitchell-Clarke, Wes Roberts, Bob Mitchell, Georgina Cannon, Len Kasten, Jason Martell, Stu  Bundy, Grant Cameron, Mark St. Germain, Michael Telstarr, Stanton Friedman


 Full Conference Ticket – $298

One-day ticket – $125

Exhibitor Hall – Free

Continental Breakfast – Free (must preregister online)

Skywatch – Free (must preregister online)

This news release was distributed by Toronto News Wire Services





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